Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Easter state of mind

Seems like Easter preparations have gone the way of Christmas!  It used to be that you did your one (and only!) Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday when you got home from church.  Now there are Easter egg hunts advertised weeks in advance, on each of the next couple of Saturdays leading up to Easter in early April.  I suppose this is the way it is with everything now, but it just struck me as particularly funny today.

We were lucky enough to be invited to an Easter egg hunt at the home of good friends of ours from the Binghamton, NY area.  They have two young sons as well, so we enjoy the chaos of each other's presence!

The weather was not particularly cooperative this past Saturday (in fact, our first Miracle League game was cancelled because of the rain).  But just as we were preparing for an inside Easter egg hunt, the rain and thunder stopped, and out came the sunshine.  We rushed to hide eggs for the kids, and out the came, armed with Easter baskets and eagle eyes.

Growing up, I remember Easter egg hunts taking about 20 minutes to complete... and this was when I was much older than my boys are now, and my parents used to hide them in such sneaky places as inside the grill (that hadn't been used all winter) and under large rhododendron plants (where they knew good and well that a huge black snake lived).

On Saturday, I don't think we were out in the yard for 5 before all the eggs were found, and kids were cracking them open to see if there was any candy inside.

Fun nonetheless!  And good practice for the next couple of Easter egg hunts we're going to... with our's at home being the last, on Easter Sunday, right after church.

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