Monday, March 12, 2012

Road Rally

The goal is always inclusion.  As Will and Luke's fifth birthday approached, I was seriously lacking ideas and inspiration for how to make this birthday special and inclusive.  One Saturday morning precariously close to their birthday, as I sipped coffee through barely-open eyes and the boys watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it suddenly came to me.

A road rally. 

Invite kids of all abilities to our house, and encourage them to bring the ride of their choice.  Put everyone on wheels, to be just like Will.  Decorate those rides and cruise around the neighborhood.  Everyone likes to show off their ride... just ask the guys in the Porsche club at Brier Creek who meet to admire the same cars each and every Saturday morning.

We were blessed with a gorgeous day and many good friends and family to share in our joy and fun.  And the rest is best told through photos...

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