Sunday, March 18, 2012

Play ball!

We had Spring Training on Saturday for the boys' new baseball team, the Grasshoppers. Wow! So much fun! We weren't sure what to expect, but from the moment that we arrived, we were impressed with the field, the organization, and especially our uniforms!

All the kids on Luke and Will's team are between the ages of 5 and 8.  It was nice to meet all the kids and parents, and to check out the dugout!

Once we learned about the rules of the dugout and some of the administrivia, we were finally allowed to run around on the field and have batting practice.  Will practiced catching the ball with Joe and Stara - friends of ours for several years, who helped to start the Miracle League of the Triangle, coach one of the older kids' teams, and will serve as Will and Luke's buddies this season.  Talk about dedication and service hearts!

While Will was having fielding practice, Luke took batting practice with Nate.  Luke had never seen a t-ball stand before this day, but after Nate showed him the ropes, he loved it!  He was so happy to swing that bat, hit the ball (even if it did go backwards) and run as fast as he could to first base... then to second base, and then to third!  He really seemed to understand what was going on and got super excited to stand on the bases. I think playing is going to do wonders for his confidence. 

Then it was Will's turn for batting practice.  Joe has a lot of experience getting kids to feel comfortable at the plate, so he helped Will hold onto the bat.  Once they made contact, Joe pushed Will around the bases.  This was the happiest Will was all day!  He seemed to be a little unsure of the field, so he whined a bit during the day.  But he will get used to it... especially if someone's pushing him at a fast pace around the bases!

Matt enjoyed his time at the baseball field as well.  He played catch with one of our coaches, and cheered on the boys as they bat.  I have a t-shirt coming for him so he can be an honorary Grasshopper... the bat boy!  This shirt had to suffice until the official one comes in.  Get it, bat boy?  Ha, I kill me.

If you're ever interested in coming to a game, let me know and I will send you the schedule.  The games are at Adams Elementary School in Cary.  It's going to be a great season.  Go Hop!

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Schatzi04 said...

Can't wait to get home from this trip and cheer them on. Guess I'd better learn how to whistle. Oma