Sunday, March 4, 2012

Old dog, new treats

It is tough being the older brother of 3 boys.  Just ask Otis.  Though he is always fed and always loved, he doesn't get the one on one attention that he was used to before the arrival of Luke and Will rocked his world.  Sad but true.  We do our best to walk him nightly, brush him regularly, and keep him clean... that's all I will say... we do our best.  Don't ask me when his last bath was.  Because I don't know.

One thing we always go out of our way for, though, is Otis' birthday.  It is a kind of big deal around here, because it kicks off the extended Slavik birthday season.  March 3.  Our pup turned 7!  I never think that 7 is old.  But in the week leading up to Otis' birthday, we received a reminder card from his vet, indicating that we needed to schedule his "wellness and geriatric check up."

GERIATRIC?  Wow.  If this were a human, I am sure they'd be insulted!  Thankfully Otis doesn't have opposable thumbs, cannot open the mailbox or envelopes, and cannot read.  Nor do I think he'd understand what 'geriatric' means, anyway.

We celebrated Otis birthday this afternoon.  Usually we take him to PetSmart for a special treat and a new collar.  But this year, he really didn't need a new collar.  And I found a brand new doggie bakery at North Hills!  I am never sure how these doggie bakeries stay in business, but they seem to pop up regularly.  And they always have cute names.  This one was called Woof Gang Bakery.

The first thing that hit us was that the place is all decked out in pink!  Oh no, I thought, is this just a place for people who carry their dogs around like accessories?  I have a big manly dog!  But as soon as we stepped through the door, we were greeted by a table of treats, the friendly owner, and a couple of pit-mixes in the back, visiting the shop and up for adoption.

Don't worry.  Otis did not get a puppy for his birthday. 

He had a good time checking out the store, getting loved on by a woman with the dog adoption organization, and picking out his birthday treats!  All the human boys were wide eyed and excited about being in the store and seeing Otis play around with other dogs.

Each of the boys picked out a bakery treat for Otis.  Luke picked a small birthday cake, Will picked an Easter egg cookie, and Matt picked a green donut with sprinkles.  They didn't smell good to me, but Otis knew where that Woof Gang treat baggie was at every moment of the afternoon.

After dinner, we all sang him happy birthday.  The special birthday cake was on the table while we sang, and I think I've never seen Otis so focused and intent on anything before!

He enjoyed the cake immeasurably.  We enjoy him immeasurably.  I hope he remembers days like this on rainy nights when he doesn't get to go for a walk!  We love you, geriatric puppy!  I can't believe you've been our best friend for 7 years already.

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