Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We has expected to get some news from Hopkins today about the results of Will's EMU stay.  Unfortunately, though, the conference group didn't meet last week.  So now there is a backlog of patients to discuss, and Will was bumped to next week's conference.  And so we continue to wait... this is kind of a bummer for right now. We were definitely geared up to get some news late yesterday or today.

In the mean time, we are all still in a bit of recovery.  Except Will.  Will has bounced back from his EMU stay with amazing day time vigor and night time sleepiness.  He has been having a great time, it is nice to see!  Will seems to be enjoying school more, is more tolerant of some situations that he previously did not like, and has just been in a good mood all around.  I don't know if it is because he was cooped up in a hospital room for 9 days and now understands how good life is, or what!  Whatever it is, we'll take it!

Luke and Matt have both gotten a bit of a virus.  They have coughs and slight fevers.  Neither has been in a great mood.  Matt is also breaking in two-year molars, so that doesn't help his situation at all.  We're hoping that they turn the corner soon.  They both seem to have moved beyond our familial separation, and are doing well in school.  Luke is counting down the days until he starts kindergarten.

Nate and I are still exhausted.  There's really just no other way to describe it.  I wish it was a different story than my post this past Sunday... but the situation hasn't really improved!  Between household chores, spending time with the boys, eating dinner together, walking Otis, doing laundry, updating blog posts, and the Rangers being in the playoffs, we haven't really gotten the sleep that our bodies need to actually go into recovery mode.  I won't even share with you just how gross the house is... let's just say we're about to lose Otis in a dust bunny made up entirely of his own shed hair.  I used to be proud when people would come over and say "you're house is so clean!"  And now... now I just can't find the time or energy to lift a broom. 

Tonight I downloaded all of Will's pictures from Johns Hopkins from the little camera to our computer.  I also found a couple of old shots that I know I once intended to use for a blog post called "Incognito."  Maybe that, or "Tom Selleck is my hero."

Either way, here are some of the photos.  Thanks Leah G. for the moustaches!  Will wouldn't have any part of it.

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