Monday, May 7, 2012

The Misters Bear

One advantage of going through all of our worldly possessions for the yard sale was that we uncovered some old treasures.  For me, that meant my high school stash of Brady Anderson photos, articles, and baseball cards.  By the size of my stash, I sure loved me some Brady - what teenage female Orioles fan of the mid-90s didn't?

For Nate, his stash of treasures included his old Paddington bear.  Paddington doesn't really look like Paddington anymore.  His top hat and tails are many years gone.  His matted fur shows off his many years as a trusted sidekick and confidante.  I am sure being stuck in a trunk in our attic for the past 9 years hasn't done anything to return the luster of his youth.

When Nate freed Paddington from his confines, he smiled like he had found an old friend.  His next move was to proudly show Paddington to Luke.  Luke has a teddy bear that he loves - the appropriately dubbed "Mister Bear" who has a much more comfortable residence on Luke's bed.  And accompanies Luke to sleep every night.  Mister Bear doesn't seem to mind the strangle hold and sweaty head of his best bud.

Nate was so excited to show Luke his bear.  Luke immediately went to find Mister Bear so the two bears could have an appropriate introduction.  The two oldest Slavik boys and their best bears had a good time hanging out on the couch. 

Once the introductions were over, we moved on to other things.  Paddington Bear hasn't been banished back to Nate's trunk of memories, though.  When Nate wasn't looking, Luke swooped in and saved his Daddy's best bear.  I think he's going to love that bear just like Nate did.  More hugs, more snuggles, several more years of being best buds ahead.  Paddington now sits proudly on the corner of Luke's bed, right next to Mister Bear.  Luke's pretty excited to share Daddy's Paddington.  And I think that couldn't make Nate any happier.

And on a totally different note, congratulations to Jaerid and Kirstin and their Tough Mudder team! Everyone on the team finished the tough obstacle course and earned their orange headband. One member of their team actually separated his shoulder during part of the race but powered through it and still managed to finish. Unbelievable. Tough folks! And great friends. We are so very grateful for your friendship and dedication to Will!

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