Thursday, May 3, 2012

Toughest Mudders

Back in January, I let you know about our friends Jaerid and Kirstin, who are competing in the Tough Mudder at Mt. Snow, Vermont.  It is hard to believe it, but the weekend of the Tough Mudder is upon us!  Jaerid and Kirstin, as well as the team of Will's Warriors that they have assembled, have been training furiously for months.

I am not sure how you train for an event such as the Tough Mudder.  It isn't like training like a marathon.  Take a look at the ridiculous map of the event at Mt. Snow.  How do you train for such *fun* sounding obstacles as the Death March, Mud Mile, Underwater Tunnels, Fire Walker, Kiss of Mud, and my personal favorite, the Arctic Enema?

Will's Warriors are up for the challenge.  They're an amazingly tough, determined, and a little crazy group of kind hearted, giving individuals.  Please think of them at 8am on Sunday May 6.  As you're enjoying your morning coffee and reading the box scores from Saturday night's baseball game, they're going to be up to their armpits in sweat and mud... busting their chops for our little tough guy.

It still amazes me that they are using Will as their inspiration, and that they're so kind as to raise money for him!  There are some exceptional people out there.  There is still time to donate, if you feel so inclined.  Check out the donation website here.  Thanks so much to everyone who has donated.  We're blown away by your generosity.

Good luck, Jaerid, Kirstin and the rest of the Will's Warriors team!  You guys are awesome.  We're so lucky to have you as friends.  You're in for a tough obstacle course on Sunday, but we'll be rooting for you from North Carolina.  Snag us a couple of orange headbands, ok?

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