Tuesday, May 22, 2012

True Pisces

If Luke and Will had been born on their due date, they would have been born under the sign of Gemini.  Though I knew from the beginning that it was unlikely that they would be born on their due date or in that astrological sign, I thought it was so cool because Gemini are twins.
As it was, Luke and Will chose to be Pisces.  Slimy, scaly, stinky fish.  Just kidding.  Some of my favorite people are Pisces. 

In true Pisces fashion, Luke and Will love the water.  They have never been scared by the immensity of the ocean, the depth of the swimming pool, or that funny sound the bathtub makes when the last of your bathwater is sucked down the drain.  If it contains or involves water, they love it.  Perhaps you recall Luke's first introduction to the ocean when he was 2 (where he yelled "bring it on!" to the waves crashing around him) or the look on Will's face when he's doing hydrotherapy.

Case in point: the ocean this weekend.  For whatever reason, when we went to the beach, there were no other people in the water.  The water was 75 degrees and the waves were moderate.  Luke went right in.  Followed closely by Nate and Will.  They stayed in the water for an hour and only came in because poor Luke and his 0% body fat were shivering. 

... and then there's Matthew.  Bull-headed Taurus Matthew.  Not a Pisces, or any other Water sign for that matter.  Matt took one look at the ocean, and sat his butt down in the sand (Earth sign!).  Then he started rubbing his face and smeared his sunscreen all in his eyes.  Then the tears started.  Matthew was not a happy beach-goer.  After a while, he got irritated with the sand on his toes and tried to start picking it off, grain by grain.  He quickly realized the futility in that and insisted that I wipe his feet off with a towel and sit him in a beach chair.  Thankfully he's got a skinny brother who couldn't stay in the ocean for too long... otherwise Matt would have sat there mad for a long time.

Oh well, two out of three ain't bad.

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