Monday, May 28, 2012


I may have said this before, but I will say it again: Will loves to be played with.  I am not talking about light delicate little baby games.  I am talking rough and tumble, 'I am all boy' type of play.  The rougher the better.  Most people are unsure of how to handle Will on a daily basis, so the idea of tossing him over your shoulder and running around the living room is probably an insane concept.

Thank goodness Will has been blessed with a daddy who likes to play and isn't intimidated by cerebral palsy.

Nate invented a game a while ago, which he aptly named "Steamroller." Basically when one of the boys is lying on the ground or on their bed, Nate would log roll over top of them while yelling "STEAMROLLER!"  This quickly became a popular game in our house.  There were only two rules: no rolling over heads and no wearing shoes.  Otherwise, everything was fair play.

You might think that with low muscle tone and limited muscle control, Will would have to take a rain check on the Steamroller.  You'd be wrong.  With a little help, Will can steamroll over his brothers like he was made to steamroll.  And once they realized that Will was good at dishing it out, they were quick to steamroll right back over him.

Before you panic, Steamroller is always supervised.  No g-tubes are snagged or necks sat upon.  It is all good, pure boy, rough housing fun.  And the miles-wide grin on Will's face says he loves every moment of it.  Even Otis gets involved - sneaking in ear licks when he can and avoiding having his tail rolled over!

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