Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"And where were you at 2:30am on Saturday March 13, 2010?"

"Why, Detective, I was at the Cary Tennis Park, taking a tennis lesson from Jake Lester!"

Our friends Wendi and Jake Lester have set up an event in honor of Wendi's brother, Jody Brooks, who passed away suddenly in 2008 after suffering an asthma attack. Jody would have turned 36 on Saturday March 13, 2010.

Starting at 7am on Friday March 12, Jake - a tennis instructor at the Cary Tennis Park - will attempt to break the world record for "longest tennis coaching marathon" in Jody's honor and to raise money for the American Asthma Association. The record currently stands at 60 30-minute tennis lessons (30 straight hours) - Jake's hoping to teach 72 30-minute lessons (36 straight hours)!

If you live in the Triangle area, please consider signing up for a lesson or to volunteer! If you live outside of the area, please consider making a donation. Here is a website that Wendi has set up for the event:

Please check it out and spread the word!

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