Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not as planned

Otis came home on Wednesday... not at all himself. Not hungry, not perky, didn't even bat an eyelash when I opened the cheese drawer in the refrigerator. He stayed home on Thursday and barely moved off his bed except to drink water. We were very concerned, so the vet had us bring him back in on Friday.

He spent all day Friday and most of today at the vet. Otis had some blood in his urine since the surgery, so they explored that. They also looked into all the drugs that he was on, and switched out all of the nausea-inducing ones to more mild versions. While he was there, he developed a love of cat food (just like Uncle Drew!). but hey, at least he was eating something! Sadly, at 2 weeks since his initial injury, Otis has dropped roughly 10 pounds. He had some weight to lose, I'll admit, but now he is downright skinny.

The shaved butt and leg don't help, either. We joked earlier that if we're going to spend any time outside in the next couple of days, Otis' butt is going to get slathered with SPF 50.

So one night and two car payments later, he is back home and much more like himself. He's eating soft cat/dog food, and came hopping quickly around the corner when I opened the cheese drawer earlier this evening. He still has a lot of swelling around the surgery site, but we're putting cold compresses on it three times a day to help. Also, since he isn't nearly as sedentary like he was earlier in the week, the swelling should start to ease just because he's moving around.

Phew! So, one boy on the mend... just in time for 2 boys to take their turn being sick!

Will has yet another sinus infection! And Nate seems to have some type of flu. All those days and nights of being super-dad-and-husband have taken their toll on his immune system. Pray that everyone is on the mend soon!

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