Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Otis and his doctors

Otis' vet follow up yesterday wasn't the greatest. Apparently if his injury was a simple sprain, he would be attempting to bear weight on his injured leg by now. He isn't trying to bear weight at all, though he is desperately trying to be involved in family stuff, hopping around on his three good legs. We have to keep reminding him to sit down so he doesn't injure any other appendages, and Nate is still continuing his 87-lb weight lifting regime when Otis needs to go outside.

Otis has an appointment tomorrow with the veterinary orthopedic surgeon. I wish I was kidding about that - but there really is such a profession. Hopefully after that appointment, we'll know if/when Otis will need surgery. In the mean time, he's in good spirits and happy to gobble down a piece of wheat bread whenever we have to give him his liquid anti-inflammatory medication.

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Christie said...

ohhhh the things we do (or rather the money we will spend) for our dear pets. Are you going to NCSU?