Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting messy - a success story

For Luke's first year and a half of life, he really only had one therapist - a physical therapist - to help with some of his preemie-isms. Through discussions with therapists and social workers, we learned that Luke had some delays in his fine motor skills, and was even showing some sensory aversions (he didn't like walking barefoot in grass, cried when he touched sand, wouldn't touch paint, etc). None of these things are uncommon for a preemie, and it was something that we wanted to get ahead of.

So Luke started seeing an occupational therapist once per week. She was so good at making him have fun and laugh that he didn't realize that he was slowly overcoming these aversions. He truly looked forward to seeing his "Mar-get" each week.

As the boys near their 3rd birthday, we have to start transitioning them from the County Early Intervention Program (through which we have all our therapy services) to the County School System. Part of this transition is a full evaluation of how the child is doing in all areas of development. If the evaluation reveals areas of developmental delay, then the child will be accepted into the public school system's special needs preschool and will continue to receive therapy there.

We know that Will is going to be accepted into the school system's special needs preschool, but its always been sort of up in the air as to whether Luke will continue to need services or if he's grown out of most of his preemie-isms.

I just got he most lovely note from Margaret, Luke's occupational therapist, today. I've pasted it below. It just goes to show you that if you can catch these things early, progress can be made! Continue to fight your state and local governments when they threaten to limit funding to Early Intervention programs! THEY WORK!

I think Luke has made such nice gains with fine motor and sensory processing skills. He is doing wonderful in therapy. Fine motor skills are within normal limits now. He is able to tolerate playing in a variety of textures putting whole hand in paint, shaving cream, sand, playdough, moonsand and wet sand with no to minimal aversion. Luke can now swing for more than 5 minutes. Spin on merry go round. Jump on mini trampoline with hands held. Climb up steps and slide down slide independently with only verbal encouragement needed. His teachers reports to me he is independent in feeding skills and toilet training is going well. I do not think he will qualify for OT through the County nor do I feel he really needs it once he turns 3. He is really functioning well with typically developing peers which is a beautiful thing! I am so proud of how far he has come in a short time!


Christie said...

Yay Luke! That is awesome news. What a testament to early intervention and good parenting!

Love the dino PJs - Connor was just wearing the same ones last night.

JoannaP said...

Way to go Luke!