Monday, January 18, 2010

Otis' Surgery Day

Otis' surgery was moved up from Wednesday to today because of a cancellation at the vet's office. We were all sad to say goodbye to him this morning, but took comfort in the fact that our happy energetic companion could return to his old self once he recovered from this surgery.

Nate dropped him off early and we anxiously awaited news from the surgeon. She called around noon, saying that things had gone well. Surgery revealed that not only did Otis have a cruciate ligament tear, but also some significant damage to his meniscus (probably from the same injury last Saturday). She was able to successfully repair both the ligament and the meniscus.

She mentioned that the angle of Otis' tibial plateau is very high (38 degrees). She was able to get it down to 6 degrees with the surgery. The higher the plateau angle, the more predisposed a dog is to this type of injury. She indicated that she had not seen many dogs with as high of a tibial plateau degree as Otis has. Unfortunately this means that it is more likely that he will have this injury in his other rear leg at some point in the future. We won't think about that right now though!

Nate stopped in to see Otis early this evening. Otis was still very out of sorts from his anesthesia, but the vets and techs all said that he was doing well. We were surprised to see how much fur they shaved off of him! That white area around his butt that looks like a pair of shorts... thats actually his skin! He's got a large bandage down his leg to keep everything together.

Otis will be at the vet until sometime on Wednesday. We can't wait to get our pup home and dote on him, but he's truly in the best place for healing right now. They've got him on IV fluids, antibiotics, and pain medicine. They told us not to be surprised if he's testing out the leg by the time he comes home though!

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