Thursday, January 7, 2010

I heart Marla Dorrel

Let it be known that I don't actually know someone named Marla Dorrel (though I hear she's a great person!). What I do know is that there is a park in Cary, North Carolina that has the most awesome, inclusive, accessible playground ever and it happens to be located inside Marla Dorrel Park. The playground area is called Kids Together Park, and you can read about it here: Its a heartwarming story.

I happened to hear about Kids Together through a local parents of children with special needs listserv. We have tried going to local parks with the boys, and have found ways to adapt our fun so that Will can enjoy himself as much as Luke does. Its a challenge, though not impossible... but we thought we'd give this new park a try.
So last Saturday, when the high temperature was 32 degrees, we loaded everyone in the van(including our friends Jenn and Chris) and trekked to Cary. We could not be deterred from our fun. Even if it was frickin' cold. New York cold... waaaaay past North Carolina cold. Needless to say, we had the place to ourselves.
Everyone loved the park! There were special paths that made wheelchair accessibility incredibly easy, special supportive swings, and lots of places for everyone to play. We stayed as long as we possibly could before we all shivered back into the van. I think we warmed up by the time we got back to Raleigh.
So here are some pictures of our freezer fun. We can't wait to go back! Maybe we'll wait until this Arctic cold spell is over though...

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