Monday, February 8, 2010

Little hands make little pizzas

I got Nate two Rao's cookbooks for Christmas - mostly to encourage his interest in cooking, and partly for myself... I am a self proclaimed cookbook addict and felt less guilty buying cookbooks for him than for me (grin)!

So since the cookbooks became part of (ahem)... OUR cookbook collection, we've made some awesome marinara sauce and a tasty pasta e fagiole. This past week, Nate got the desire to make pizza from one of the cookbooks.

I am not talking buy-a-Boboli-and-dump-on-some-jarred-sauce kind of pizza. I'm not even talking about buying dough... he actually wanted to make the dough and makie the sauce. Thankfully we got to buy the cheese.

We turned our kitchen into a pizzeria this past weekend and found some cheap labor. Luke and Will got to help make the pizza and Otis was kind enough to clean up anything we dropped on the floor (yes, his appetite has returned). Luke enjoyed kneading the dough and Will helped grate cheese. It was really a fun time. I thought they would be too young to enjoy themselves, but that was definitely not the case.

The pizza turned out great (aside from not being round)! With all the time it took the dough to rise twice, the boys weren't awake the see the final result. We didn't leave any evidence either!

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