Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Massacre

We're going to join the ranks of those who didn't have the best Valentine's Day (see the Hudson's River blog at right)... definitely a day to remember... not romantic, but perhaps notorious?

Since we've become parents, our expectations of Valentine's Day has definitely changed. Gone are the days of romantic evenings out, baking cookies, and flowers (though we hope to rekindle the cookie tradition next year with the boys). This year. we bought cards and said that a quiet day at home would be great. We don't have too many options right now anyway with me off my feet.

But who would have thought both boys would come down with a nasty virus on Valentine's Day? They both spiked temperatures of 103, vomited and were very cranky and lethargic all day. It was not a good time. The day itself went very slowly. We didn't exchanged cards.

Both of their schools were closed for President's Day on Monday, and they finally turned the corner of wellness on Tuesday morning (they stayed home just to ensure they were both really better and finally exchanged cards). They both went to school today - I think they were happy to get away from me and Nate! I'm sure all parents in the DC area understand this after all the recent snow days!

Ugh, I'll be very happy when cold and flu season is over!

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Christie said...

Valentine's day 2010 - definitely notorious! It really is terrible to feel so yucky - glad the boys got over it quickly and are back to normal!