Thursday, February 18, 2010

Will the Tiger, Luke the... Ewok?

I recently found some great bath towels for the boys, since they have far outgrown their infant towels. Just in time for brother Cart to start using them! The boys have always loved taking baths, hopefully Cart will too! We'll have to move them to the larger tub at some point, though, if the three of them take baths together.

I ordered Will a tiger towel since he loves to make a "ra ra ra" sound like a tiger roar. As you can see below, Will's towel is clearly a tiger and he loves it! He is always so excited to wear the towel. It keeps him warm AND decent during his post-bath excited kick sessions.

I ordered Luke a monkey towel since he loves monkeys. Only his towel looks exactly like an Ewok, like from Return of the Jedi. When he walks around after his bath, he shuffles his feet because his legs are cold. Then he looks just like E.T. in his white bedsheet Halloween costume! Not a monkey... just a cute creature from another planet!

I'm still on the lookout for more toddler bath towels like these... next time I'll have to pay more attention, though, so I don't get Jabba the Hutt when I thought I was ordering an elephant towel.

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