Saturday, February 27, 2010

The trouble with 'noids

... not to be mistaken with "the trouble with 'roids"...

Will's ENT appointment this week revealed the source of his perpetual sinus infections and congestion! But before all the snotty details, the backstory...

We went to our first ENT back in August, when Will started showing signs of regular congestion. He had his g-tube placed in his stomach in June, and typically a g-tube will cause a child to have increased acid reflux. In some cases, excessive acid reflux can cause nasal congestion. So post-g-tube surgery, we ran the gamut of antacids. Will was still getting congested.

So we went to the ENT in August. After waiting in the waiting room for almost 2 hours, we were finally seen by a clearly tired and agitated ENT. Her prognosis: your son has very small nasal passages. Try this nasal steroid and come back in 2 months if there is no change.

Um... yeah right.

Since August, Will has had 4 sinus infections which have been successfully treated with antibiotics. Clearly we're dealing with a bacterial issue, not a nasal passage size issue!!

We got another recommendation for a pediatric ENT, and saw him this past Thursday. He evaluated Will thoroughly and determined that Will needs to have his adenoids removed. Apparently adenoids are known to harbor bacteria. Some people's bodies can fight it, others can't.

Interestingly, Nate had adenoid and throat infection issues when he was younger, and had his adenoids removed after high school (aside from a deviated septum, he's been much better ever since). We aren't sure if adenoid issues are genetic, but at least Nate will have an adenoid-less buddy at the dinner table from now on.

So Will's looking at a 30 minute surgery in the next couple of weeks. We're praying this does the trick. He'll have a sore throat for about a week, but the ultimate result will be great! He won't be perpetually congested (when not on antibiotics) and won't gag nearly as much!

My hope is that this will also help with his weight gain... Will is still predominantly bottle fed because of his swallowing issues. When you can't breathe through your nose, its hard to bottle feed. Additionally, when he's really congested, he gags and vomits a lot (he doesn't vomit at all anymore when he isn't congested). Pediasure on the floor does not a fat toddler make!

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