Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adenoidectomy update

Will and Nate left for the hospital. Will was in a good mood, but he was a hungry little boy! Because he'll be undergoing general anesthesia today for his adenoidectomy, we had to stop his overnight feeding pump at 4a. It usually runs until 6a, and then he gets a feed by mouth around 8:30a each morning. So lets hope that the surgery team is running ahead of schedule today, for both Will and Nate's sake! Nate needs to check Will in around 9:45a today, then he'll have a meeting with the ENT and the anesthesiologist, and Will will go into the OR around 11:45a.

Good news! The surgery team IS running ahead of schedule today! Nate just called to tell me that they had already met with the ENT and the anesthesiologist, and had already taken Will back to prep him for surgery. A full hour ahead of schedule - amazing! As long as they are only doing the adenoid removal, the whole procedure should last less than 45 minutes. If the tonsils look like they need to come out, then the procedure would last longer.

Will's surgery is already complete! This is really unbelievable - Nate and I are so used to shunt and g-tube surgeries, which last for a couple of hours. This was like no time at all.

The ENT said that they removed only Will's adenoids (no tonsils). He did indicate that Will's adenoids were very large, which really explains why he's been having the sinus draining issues that he's been having. He also took some cultures from Will's sinuses and nasal cavities to determine if he's harboring some kind of resistent bacteria in there.

So Nate hasn't been able to see Will yet, but once they have him all set up in recovery, Nate will stay with him while he wakes up. They told us to expect 1-2 hours in recovery before they are discharged. They could be home by 1p or 2p this afternoon!

They're home! Will is uncomfortable - to be expected at this point. We gave him a dose of Tylenol and a couple of ounces of Pediasure through his g-tube to quiet his grumbly tummy. He's content now to lay in his bed and suck on his pacifier. Hopefully he'll nod off soon! Its really cute though, with Will quietly resting in his bed and Nate fast asleep in Luke's bed!

Will took a good nap and is now playing with a toy in his wheelchair! Aside from a couple of intermittent whines, he seems to be doing very well! Yay! What a trooper.

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