Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Evaluation results and recommendations

Yesterday was our county pre-school services evaluation review meeting. It yielded some expected and some unexpected results.

As expected, Will was approved for services - placement will be in a full day multi-need classroom. Though we don't know the exact school placement yet, we do know that Will will be in a classroom with 3 teachers and 5-7 other children with multiple needs. He'll be picked up each day in the morning by school transportation, spend just under 7 hours at school working with teachers and therapists, and be dropped off at home by school transportation. We don't have an exact start date for this transition yet, but think this is going to be a wonderful step for Will. During the review yesterday, all of the evaluating therapists could talk about was how bright Will is and how they think he just needs the correct atmosphere to really push him to his full potential. We couldn't agree more!

The unexpected results were with Luke's evaluation. We were somewhat prepared for them to tell us that Luke did not qualify for services. But what they told us is that they found that Luke still has some developmental delays, particularly in the areas of speech and language comprehension. They recommended him for a partial day, developmental delay program. So for 10 hours a week, Luke will go to a special needs pre-school program with a focus on language development, and will then be transported to his current day care center for the rest of the day. This came as a bit of a shock to us, but we want to address these gaps now so that Luke will be fully prepared for kindergarten in 2 years! We don't have his school placement yet, either, but know that Luke and Will are going to be at different schools at least for the next year.

We're happy to have the evaluation result meeting out of the way, and concentrating on the next step of finding the best fitting classrooms and teachers for the boys!

Happily, tomorrow, March 11 is the boys' 3rd birthday! We're planning on celebrating at home with an Elmo cake and some gifts. The boys are receiving twin sized beds for their big gift, as we need one of their cribs for brother Cart's impending arrival! How did 3 years pass so quickly?!?!

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Christie said...

Happy early birthday boys! Three is when you become "a little big" according to Connor. He's happy to welcome you to the "little big" club!