Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slightly less drama

Nate and I have a lot of practice cutting the boys' hair. It started as little trims when they had shunt revision surgery and we wanted their hair to be a little bit more even - they were much littler then and didn't seem to mind the trim. Recently, it has become a two-parent, knock down, drag out event... and most of the time, three of us are in tears by the time everything is all said and done. When we're lucky, we haven't clipped an ear in the struggle...

Because I am out of commission when it comes to fighting kids and sitting on the floor, Nate opted to take the boys to one of those hair cut places that specializes in children's cuts for their spring mop chop. We were a bit nervous about how Will and Luke would do, but were hopeful. In recent weeks, we've seen our children be perfect, agreeable angels for photographers, only to turn into typical three year olds for us just moments later. So, our hope was that the same "oh, you're a stranger so I better behave" mentality would hold true for a stylist!

And for the most part, it did! Luke went first. He was a little nervous at first. But this is better than normal, because there was no kicking or screaming as we get during home hair cuts.

After a few minutes, the smart kids stylist gave Luke her spray bottle full of water. He made no sounds other than giggles for the remainder of his hair cut! Her apron and seat were soaked, but that is beside the point!

We weren't sure how Will was going to be able to get his hair cut at a salon, because he is unable to sit up in their seats. But thankfully, I married an engineer. He figured out that Will's Kid Kart seat could be taken off its base and placed safely in the stylist's seat. Although he was comfortably seated, he wasn't happy with what was happening to him.

Will typically cries during his hair cuts. I really don't think he likes the sound of scissors so close to his head. And although he cried for the stranger stylist, he still did pretty well - don't let the partial Old Man Face fool you.

So now we have kids with good hair cuts, less hair to clean up off the floor, and much less drama at home!

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