Friday, March 26, 2010

An evening's accomodation

During the day on Thursday, we celebrated being 36 weeks pregnant with Cart. My doctor was very happy with how I have been doing, and we left the hospital with a bedrest-approved hop in our step. One more week and we'll be full term at 37 weeks!

Unfortunately, as the afternoon wore on yesterday, I started having contractions. They were unlike the on and off contractions I have had for several weeks - they were occuring every couple of minutes. The doctor felt it was best that I come in and double check that I wasn't in labor.

Given my history, we don't want to take any chances. And even though Cart is thisclose to being full term, he isn't quite there yet. So Nate stayed home with the boys and I drove to UNC. A huge thank you to Crissy, Chris and Jenn, who were on-call for us in the case that Nate needed to join me at the hospital!

I was strapped in to a contraction and a fetal monitor. Cart was doing remarkably well despite my contractions coming regularly at 3-4 minutes. They monitored me for 4 hours - in a room without a TV! I was sad to hear from a nurse that Syracuse lost to Butler.

Thankfully, after about 4 hours, my contractions slowed to non-existent and I was not dilated. I was sent home with strict orders to continue bedrest, drink lots of fluids, and come back if anything changed. Damn Braxton-Hicks contractions... I felt kind of silly going in, only to be sent home... but of course it was the right thing to do. Plus I got to spend 4 hours listening to Cart's heartbeat, which was kind of cool.

I received my last progesterone shot last night. My thought is that as this coming week nears it end on Thursday April 1, this type of instance is going to become more the norm. As it stands now, we have a c-section scheduled for April 20... hopefully we get to that date!

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