Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little big boys

We celebrated Will and Luke's 3rd birthday today! We got them both cakes to take to school to enjoy with their classes and teachers. Luke made it to school and had a great time (see pic below). Unfortunately Will was getting over a virus and had to stay home today. We're hoping that he's back to himself tomorrow and can go to school and share cake with his friends.

Once everyone was together at home, we had burritos for dinner (Luke's favorite), and then got down to business with cake. Unlike last year, I did not make this year's cake due to bedrest. But it was cute and tasty nonetheless! Before we could start, Nate gave the boys a primer on how to blow out the candle!

For those of you in attendance at the boys' first birthday party, you will remember that Luke puked up his cake immediately. It wasn't pretty. Let's just say that the boy is making up for lost time! He couldn't get enough cake. When he didn't want to use his fork, he put his face right in his cake to take a bite.

Though Will cannot really tolerate eating cake yet, he did get in on the action with the Elmo and Big Bird cars that graced the top of the cake

And once Nate and Luke cut their pieces, I was able to enjoy some cake for me and Cart. Happy birthday, boys! You know how Mommy loves cake... definitely worth sitting up for a few minutes to enjoy!


Karen said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday to the oldest Slavik boys! Those pics are great!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

JoannaP said...

Happy Birthday Will and Luke!! The cake looks yummy!

P.S. Travis wore the same Yankees shirt to school, too. : )