Monday, September 26, 2011

B6 that bad mood

I have been holding off with a post over the past couple of days out of pure superstition. It seems that with our lives, the moment we talk about something good, it disappears... or something bad happens... or we find out that the good thing was just a fluke.

Within 36 hours of starting Will on a daily regime of 50mg vitamin B6, he was a new kid.

Its really kind of unbelievable that something as simple as a vitamin supplement could cause this kind of intense, positive reaction. So I had to give it a couple of days to be sure. Really sure.

Will went from screaming and crying all day at school to being happy again. He went from waking 8 times a night (I am not exaggerating at all) to waking once per night. I can deal with once per night.

Again... this change is all because of a single vitamin. I am in awe.

This is all super positive news because the epileptic drug Will is on - Keppra - is very effective. He has been on a low dose of the drug for a while, but after the last round of seizures, this was the drug they decided to increase to better control the seizures. If the B6 didn't work, we were going to have to scrap the Keppra and try other drugs... drugs with side effects that cannot be controlled a vitamin supplement. Drugs that we didn't really want to think about.

Will's mood at home, school, everywhere has changed. Positively. Relief for all! Of course, we're still headed to the cranial osteopath this week, too, just to make sure we keep things on the up and up!

Its nice to be able to take a sigh of relief. I can hear you exhaling around the world, readers! Thanks for the positive thoughts and prayers with this one! It has certainly been a trying time for us!

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