Sunday, September 11, 2011

Terrible Twos?

Among Will's many diagnoses, he is classified as "significant developmental delay." Because so many of a baby's developmental milestones are physical in nature, we've always been told that Will is at the developmental level of a 9 month old baby. He doesn't sit up, roll, crawl, babble, etc. like a year old child would do, so he's forever stuck at this 9 month category.

Of course, he does things beyond what a 9 month old baby would do. He shows language comprehension, attention span, and choice-making abilities beyond that age. But he never really went through a lot of the developmental phases that Luke did - terrible twos, more terrible threes, etc...

That is, until NOW! Will appears to have learned all about the terrible twos. Check out this note that we got from his teacher late last week:

We've been noticing at home that he is less intolerant of situations that he previously has enjoyed (watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Luke, eating meatballs, playing with preferred toys, etc.). When he is on his own with Nate or me, he is in a great mood. But introduce Luke or especially Matt, and Will turns into a bitter middle child. Its a strange turn of events! And apparently his teachers have noticed a change in him also!

Developmental delay doesn't mean developmental stoppage, so truthfully Will is just doing his own thing on his own time. Terrible twos today, maybe potty training next week...

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