Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Room to grow

We had a lovely visitor over the Labor Day weekend - Nate's sister Kylie came up from Florida. Aunt Kylie's visits are always a lot of fun for the boys (and us, of course) - for weeks beforehand, Luke asks to Skype with Kylie. For weeks after she leaves, he asks first why she had to go back to Florida, and second if he can go with her.

On Friday while I took Matt and Luke to get Luke's new Sure Step orthotics, Nate, Ky and Will went to a park near our house. Will's teacher told me that she was very involved with getting swings for children with special needs installed at this park, so we were anxious to check it out. We've been driving 45 minutes to Cary for the special needs swings at Marla Dorrel, so anything closer would be a huge time benefit to us.

Well let's just say that they installed some swings that Will will be able to use for a long time! Better too large than too small though.

Next time we'll bring an extra strap to give Will some better posture support in the swing. But you can see from his face that he totally loved it! The park has some other jungle gyms and slides, so Luke and Matt will likely love it just like Will does. And we surely won't mind spending less time in the car, hunting out truly accessible fun for Will!

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