Friday, September 16, 2011

The right kind of exciting

As you have read in our other posts this week, this has been a pretty... um... exciting week for us. The kind of exciting that you don't really need. Or want. And are glad to have gone.

We have something truly exciting occurring this weekend at our house! Through Will's pre-K teacher and her church, we have been selected as a beneficiary of their handicap access ramp ministry! The ministry group is going to arrive at our house on Saturday morning and build a wheelchair access ramp in our garage for Will.

Will's new wheelchair arrives in the next month or two. Unlike his current wheelchair which weighs less than 50lb and can be separated into two pieces for easy transport, this new wheelchair weighs closer to 100lb and cannot be transported nearly as easily. The ramp is essential.

When we decided on this house, we loved it because the floorplan is all one story and doesn't have a lot of hallways. The house is about 3 steps up from outside ground level, so we always knew that we would need a ramp. We're so thankful that we are the recipients of one!

This new ramp will make it easier for us to give Will full accessibility in our home. We won't have to struggle with getting Will and his chair up and down the steps. What could be better than that?!?! We've got a lot of work to do tonight in the garage to clear the space for the new ramp. And a truly truly exciting day tomorrow!

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