Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Return to chaos

It is amazing how quickly after a couple days in the hospital, things return to normal just as quickly as they turned pear shaped. Will slept like a true champ last night, as did Nate, Matt and I. Luke woke up at his normal time (3a these days), and had to be escorted back to bed. Thankfully he went back to sleep.

Will was in a great mood when he woke up. Because of his mood and tolerance of his new medicine regimen, we decided that he was ready to go back to school today. I swear that 'Chariots of Fire' was playing in the background as Will's bus pulled up to the house and I rolled him down the driveway. Big smiles. And his bus driver was so happy to see him too.

His teacher wrote me an email towards the end of the school day to indicate that he had a great day at school. This is so great to hear after the reports that we were getting last week about his attitude! Although his appetite is still not back to 100%, he is on a good path to recovery.

Will joined Luke at physical therapy this evening. Just because we had drama earlier this week doesn't mean that there's not still important things to take care of! As much as Nate and I would like to forego all the "extraneous stuff" in the days following a hospital admission, we always seem to be able to jump back into the routine... albeit with lots of yawning.

Luke was pretty tired through PT, and came back home cranky. Matt was able to go to school today - he didn't have a fever and his Hand, Foot and Mouth blisters are starting to heal. But he was also a pretty cranky boy this evening. Dinner time was a loud, whiny struggle. No one fought going to bed either! They were all out cold by 7:30 this evening.

Because the night of seizures is so fresh in our minds, we've been checking on Will a lot this evening. He's sleeping pretty well again. Eventually we'll get to the point where we don't feel the need to check in on him every 30 minutes, but like a new parent with a sleeping infant, we're just a little afraid. I am definitely going to check into getting a seizure sensing dog... thanks everyone for the information about them!

Thanks also to everyone who sent information about the Mickey Mouse Halloween costume. Luke recently told me that he is going to be Mickey for Halloween. He wants Will to be Donald, Matt to be Goofy, and he wants Nate to be Pluto. Go figure. I asked him what was my assigned Halloween costume. He told me that I could dress up as Mommy. How fun! :)

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