Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kissy face

Matt has been working hard on giving kisses and hugs. For the past couple of weeks, his kisses have been open-mouthed, slobbery smacks of yuckiness. In the past several days, he's developed a distinct pucker. He was being coy with me tonight when I tried to get a picture of it, but I managed to catch this one:

Here's another photo of Matt's emergent kissy face... this time kissing my camera lens cap. Random, I know. But its a good forum to show you the emergence of Matt's first black eye. He's been climbing up on everything recently, and unfortunately hasn't yet mastered how to get down off the things he's conquered. Our efforts to keep him on the ground have been utterly futile. This is the unfortunate result of him climbing up on the play table in Luke and Will's room.

Though the colors next to the eye have not yet developed to a lovely shade of purple, there is a small cut on his eyelid and a nice bit of swelling. Reminds me of someone else I know at nearly the same age...

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