Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It Luke challenges you to a game of Memory, politely decline.

While Aunt Kylie was visiting, Luke challenged her to a game of Memory. Yes, that old game is still around, and a truly loved classic. For those who don't remember, the concept is pretty simple. There about 100 cards, with about 50 different pictures on them. The cards are turned upside down, and the object is to find the matches. The one who finds the most sets of matched cards wins.

I wasn't sure if Luke truly understood the concept of the game, but I was quickly reminded that I don't know everything there is to know about my son. Within a couple of turns, Luke had already amassed a stack of Memory cards about an inch high. He would energetically cheer for himself every time he got a match.

This could have easily gotten annoying if he wasn't cheering for Kylie just as loudly as he was himself. Then it just became cute and endearing.

They played two games. Luke won them both. Now thankfully Kylie isn't a fiercely competitive person. A Memory game played between Luke and anyone from my Baldauf side of the family would have ended up much differently (read: badly - the Memory cards would have probably been tossed on the floor as Luke's competitor angrily stomped away from the table, beaten to a Memory pulp by a 4 year old).

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