Thursday, April 19, 2012

As promised...

... on evenings when Will doesn't have a seizure at Johns Hopkins, I will catch the blog up on things that we did this past weekend!  We're through night #4 of Will's inpatient stay, and thus far, no seizures.  He has been off of all anti-epileptic medication now for 18 hours.  Each day that passes, the likelihood of a seizure caught on EEG increases!

But for tonight, we celebrate Matt's 2nd birthday.  We had his party this past weekend, though his birthday is tomorrow (Friday).  It seems like just yesterday that we were introducing Cart on the blog! In the past 2 years, Matt has transformed from a round, smooshy faced baby to an active, determined, independent little boy. He is a true joy and laugh to be around.

We kept the party small, because we had so much going on with our preparations for Hopkins.  It would have been hard to replicate Luke and Will's party from last month... I just don't seem to have that kind of energy right now.  Too much on my mind, I suppose. 

Matt was thrilled with the Elmo theme.  We all had a great time sharing laughs and smiles, and enjoying the togetherness before the long separation of the inpatient stay.  We were so grateful to have family travel into town to celebrate with us, as well as local family and close friends.  Truly a wonderful supportive group who understood the importance of the day... not just with the party and Matthew's celebration, but also as a send off to the great Hopkins unknown.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the party.  I didn't get photos of everyone, I apologize! I tried! Too caught up in the day, I guess! Happy birthday to my sweet baby boy!

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Jennifer Mock said...

Happy Birthday to Matt! I have been thinking of Will this week, missing his face! I emailed you to check in but remembered your blog. And I also realize you have much higher priorities than responding to my email! So I am all caught up now and hope (though weird to say), Will has a seizure real soon. Give him hugs from Ms. Jen. See you all soon.