Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No go

Will had another great day today.  Happy, giggly, attentive, aware.  They decreased both of his seizure medications, and by this time tomorrow, he will be completely off of all seizure medications.  Despite the decreases, there were no seizures at bedtime tonight.  He's sleeping soundly! 

The doctors stopped by to talk about the plan.  They remarked again how active his EEG was on the right side of his brain.  They said that while it is active during the day, it gets even more active after he goes to sleep.  They actually seemed shocked that with all that activity, he hasn't had a seizure yet while hooked up to the EEG.

Nate and I completed our first transition today.  The drives are long, but for both of us, totally worth it.  We both are anxious to see the boy/s that we've missed for the past couple of days.  We're both exhausted though!  Please excuse the short post tonight... I've got to get some sleep!

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