Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring cleaning... fast forward style

Spring is notoriously the time of year when people get into the yard to clean up the winter's mess, mulch, prune, plant.  It is also the time of year when it is finally warm enough in our attics to go through old boxes, weed out clothes that we've given up fitting into, and organize years worth of little boy clothes and toys.  Usually spring cleaning can take all spring to complete... after all, it took the remaining 9 months of the year to accumulate all the clutter, weeds and overgrowth that we're all trying to combat.

Unfortunately for us, our spring for cleaning is on a very truncated schedule.  3 weeks instead of 3 months!  With Will going into the hospital in two weeks with no determined end date, and then the unknown of surgery potentially following shortly thereafter, we've got 3 weeks to take to task what we've been hoping to get done over the past 9 months.  It doesn't help that during spring 2011, we were moving into our house... we weren't concerned with decluttering and weeding... so we've got like 2 years of stuff to do in a short time.

Why do we do this to ourselves?!?!  Haha, because we're both type A and have high hopes for our living conditions.  Oh, and we don't like to have our house be the worst looking one on the block :)

So this weekend was ridiculous.  We were supposed to have Luke and Will's first Miracle League game, but it got cancelled for the second week in a row because of rain.  Lucky, though... because Nate had arranged for a dump truck worth of 8 yards of mulch to be delivered around noon on Saturday.  So he spent the better part of 10 hours digging out the plant beds in the front and side yards, and spreading mulch over them.

I had all 3 boys inside, and tried desperately to keep everyone happy.  It really stunk not to be able to go outside, and there's only so much Elmo's World that one can watch in a day.  When Nate was finally done outside (and exhausted), he came inside to find me very done inside.  Oy, long day.

Today we picked up several sets of wire shelving and plastic bins, and I got to town organizing the attic.  I am proud of the organization thus far, and excited with everything that I have identified to sell at our community yard sale!  Hopefully we can finish up going through everything in the coming week, because I've still got to price everything and decide how to display it.  I know that April 28 is still several weeks away, but there is a lot of upheaval and excitement happening in those weeks. 

Next weekend is Easter, but we've also got a lot of things remaining to do around the house.  It will be another busy weekend... exhausting!  But things are really shaping up.  The weekend before we leave for Hopkins, we're having an early 2nd birthday party for Matthew and are hoping to get out to Vollmer Farm and get in on the early strawberry harvest this year. 

What's the opposite of spring break?  Spring rush?  Spring rip-your-hair-out?  Spring you-take-on-too-much, no-wonder-you-don't-sleep?  Whatever it is, that's what we're doing!  Full speed ahead! 

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