Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catching Up

The boys spent a lot of time apart while Will was in the hospital.  Over the past couple of days at home, as Will is getting back into the swing of things with school and sleeping, he is also learning how Matt and Luke spent the time while he was away!

He laughed as he heard about the trip to Gigi's Cupcakes for Matt's actual birthday on April 20.  Each of us selected one special cupcake (from top left: strawberry shortcake, Midnight Magic, carrot cake, and chocolate chip cheesecake) and took them back to Oma's house to enjoy.  Thankfully everyone shared because they were all delicious... what a load of sugar though!  Within minutes of consumption, Luke and Matt were running around and around.  We were happy to be out of the public eye as the sugar wore off and they entered the land of the sugar high crash.

Will was so proud to hear about Luke's second Miracle League game. Luke bat off of a tee during his first trip to the plate. But as he watched some of the other kids, he realized that they bat from a pitcher, not off a tee. That's what he wanted to do. So after a little introduction from Stara, Luke took 3 pitches before making contact on his very own. I think that tee might be history.

Will wished he could be a part of music time on a rainy afternoon while he was away. Matt and Luke took turn beating on a drum, and then danced together on the Big-esque oversized floor piano.  It might not have been the most melodic sounding afternoon, but it sure looked like fun!

Despite all the fun times, Luke and Matt really missed Will. It was incredibly sweet to see Luke and Matt interact with Will after 9 days away. They had been asleep when we got home, so the first time Luke and Matt saw Will was the following morning. They woke him up in his bed (not so quietly or gently...) but he rolled over with a grin from ear to ear and it has been going pretty well ever since.

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