Thursday, April 12, 2012

Perfect shirts

For Christmas, my friend Rena sent the boys the perfect dress up/down shirt for boys - casual brown t-shirts with sewn on dressy patterned ties in blue and green.  Classy yet casual.  You gotta love Etsy.

Easter dinner at Stara and Joe's was the perfect opportunity to showcase the shirts.  I think you'll agree...

We had a lovely Easter dinner with Stara and Joe, their son Matt, and Oma and Opa.  Going to their home for Easter has been our tradition since 2007, when Luke and Will were still in the NICU and the prospect of a homecooked meal instead of eating Easter dinner in the UNC Hospital cafeteria was a welcome change.  We so enjoy this tradition, and are very blessed with supportive family friends and boys who are healthy enough to be home with us and share in such special holidays and traditions.

And speaking of perfect shirts... thanks SO much to everyone who has passed along button up the front 4T and 5T shirts for Will's stay in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit! Will is going to be one well-dressed patient when we head to Johns Hopkins on Monday! You all are wonderful, we are forever grateful for your prayers, kindness, thoughtfulness, open closets, and postage :)

And a super special thanks to my friend Evelyn who has taken it upon herself over the past month to scour EVERY possible store in the Raleigh-Durham area where they sell button up the front pajamas (surprisingly hard to come by). She made it her mission to find Will some approved pajamas, and we are heading to the hospital with some special PJs from a very special lady.

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Kylie said...

Oh my god they are SOOO cute!!!