Sunday, April 15, 2012

Best efforts

We finally got some baseball-worthy weather this past weekend. Luke woke up with Grasshopper baseball on his mind, and was super excited that it wasn't raining and to put on his uniform. When we got to the ballpark, he had a great time hitting, and learning how to throw and play left field. His smile was so big and he was practically giddy as he ran around the field.

Will, on the other hand, still isn't sold on the idea of playing baseball. We aren't sure if it is the sound of the crowd, the strangers around, his attitude about trying new things, or something completely unrelated. All we know is that when we roll up to the baseball field, Will goes from a happy kid to a complete wreck. The photo below is the happiest one I have of him from the whole day.

I got Matt a Grasshoppers Bat Boy t-shirt so that he'd feel like a member of the team. But when the game started and he wasn't allowed to follow Luke to play, he wasn't too thrilled. We got a lot of pouty looks and gestures like this:

We had a wonderful, eventful weekend here. Unfortunately at this moment, between packing for Hopkins tomorrow, laundry and my anxiety, I am going to leave this entry short and sweet. As the week progresses (and especially on the nights when Will doesn't have a seizure), I'll post about Matt's early birthday party and our adventures in the strawberry fields.

Good night! Wish us luck tomorrow! Big day!

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