Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The hunt

After church on Easter Sunday (during which time Will had everyone in our section cracking up because he kept giggling when a woman near us sneezed because of the incense... a LOT), we went to Oma and Opa's house for breakfast and an Easter egg hunt.

Will must have been giggled out because we couldn't get a smile out of the kid.

Luke was busy throwing a temper tantrum over the gifts the Easter Bunny gave Will and not him, so Matt started the Easter egg hunt on his own.  At first he was tentative.  He'd pick up the eggs, but did not want to put them in his bucket.  He kept giving them to Opa, in hopes that Opa would make them go away.

Once Luke realized that his little brother was getting all the eggs, he decided that his temper tantrum was ill-timed and high tailed it outside.  And thus, the hunt was started.  Cue dramatic music.

Matt saw Luke pick up the eggs and put them in his bucket. Suddenly Matt wasn't handing eggs over to Opa anymore. Instantaneously he became a little 2 year old plastic egg hoarder. Luke quickly realized that Matt might be small, but that meant he was stealthy. This made Luke mad. He was suddenly looking into Matt's basket to see how many eggs Matt had. Matt took offense to this. If one thought the other was collecting more Easter bounty, he'd steal eggs from the other's bucket.  We had to make sure things stayed even because there is some serious brother competition developing between Luke and Matt.

Every now and again, they'd come together to strategize.

But that only lasted for a second before they went back to sneaky egg hunting.

Will took the high road.  He and Oma went the other way around the house, found their own eggs, and stayed away from all that rivalry stuff.

And finally, finally, finally, Will gave us a smile when Luke shared some of his fought over eggs.  They're learning!  And loving... just in their own way. How long does this rivalry last?

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