Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Date Night Redux

Date night went well! Nate and I met up at our hotel early on Friday evening and got our tickets for the sold out IMAX Harry Potter show. We had a beer and a little food at a local Irish pub, and got into line at the theater about an hour before the show. We were happy to find out that we were not even close to the oldest people in line, and we were surprised at the lack of costume wearing amongst our group of Potter die hards. There were a couple of obligatory wands in the group, but that is to be expected.

Save the guy in the row in front of us with a nasty cough (which sounded just like Otis right before he's about to regurgitate on the rug in the middle of the night), the show was awesome. No other word for it.

Afterwards, we headed out for dinner and to a local bar. We really had a great time, and it was cool to be out amongst adults for a bit :) Of course, we do not have the staying power of our early twenties, so we called it a night shortly before midnight. Breakfast at Perkins the next morning before heading home... perfect (coming from the girl who wanted to go to Denny's on the night of her wedding)!

Thankfully things at home went well! Oma and Michele did a beautiful job with the boys. Everyone was fed, medicated, clothed, clean, and present when we arrived at home. Heck, Oma and Michele handled a couple of calls with our idiot local pharmacy, getting a feel for some of the daily crap that we deal with as parents of a child on multiple medications!

Dishes were washed, Matt and Otis were napping, it was... quiet! Surprisingly, we shared just 2 phone calls with them while we were out for the evening, that is how well things went! And those 2 calls were placed by me...

Luke (and Oma) snapped some photos of the boys' day with Oma and Michele to commemorate. Definitely looks like they had a good time. At least it looks like Will and Luke had a good time... not a picture of Matthew in the bunch (sibling rivalry running deep these days?). Not sure if Oma and Michele want to do it again any time soon... but they have a year to recover until we start thinking about another night away.

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