Sunday, July 10, 2011

Advancing photog

Everybody remembers that Luke was a budding photog just little over a year ago, right? Well those skills, they are advancing. Luke recently complained that his camera wouldn't let him take any more pictures, so that's my clue that it is time to download the latest batch of brilliance from it.

Luke definitely understands more about capturing faces now... there weren't so many snapshots of behinds or feet in this collection. However, since the camera hasn't left the house and typically there are only 5 of us around, there is a limited source of face options. Being that Nate and I are the only two who will smile (or at least make weird faces) on command, there are a lot of photos of us.

Perhaps Luke is getting me back for always having a camera in his face? "Mommy, smile. Mommy, look at me. Mommy, eyes here. Mommy, I know you can hear me!!"

Luke also caught some interesting photographs of life around our house. Perhaps they seem boring and mundane at first glance... but when I actually think about it, these things are pretty important parts of our days.

A rare still moment with my brother Matthew and dog Otis... usually we're either chasing each other or fighting over a toy.

A little over-exposed, but this is a good pictures of my twin brother Will. I love him so much!!

Very durable and kid-friendly IKEA Mamut chair. I love these chairs, and often sit at one to do art or play with my computer. Lately, Matt has been sitting in the other chair next to me. Though he has figured out how to get onto it, he has not yet figured out how to get down. Without falling.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful printer? HP, take notice!

Will's belly laugh... no better sound in the world.

Will has to take a lot of medications. Mommy or Daddy prepares his medicine and feeding pump every night before bed.

Proof that I CAN drink water in a glass without a top, and without breaking it. See that, Mommy and Daddy! This is my proof!

This camera is good for proving things. This is my brother Matthew trying to steal my camera from my grip.

My brother Will wasn't feeling very well. I took his picture to try and make him feel better.

What Luke photo collection would be complete without at least one butt shot? Sorry O.T....

My mommy said that if anyone from high school knew she had these shoes, they would not be surprised.

My Opa. Soon to be my neighbor!

For some reason my parents have a bowl with Otis' name on it... though Otis has never once used the bowl and it sits on the counter with all their junk in it.

This is the view of the floor and bathroom door from under my parents bed. Why would I have this shot, you ask? Well, this is my new favorite place to sleep. I crawl under there because they won't let me in their bed in the middle of the night. I bring my pillow so its pretty comfy. Sometimes I make noise and my mom gets scared, which scares me and I bump my head on the bottom of their bed. Ouch.

This is me. Luke.

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