Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pool time

We're very lucky to have a friendly new neighbor with a fantastic pool membership and a lot of guest passes. She recently invited us for a pool trip with her, and we were happy to tag along.

Will loves the pool as long as it isn't too cold. Thankfully with the string of ridiculously hot weather, the pool has gotten to be a very comfortable temperature. He enjoyed kicking around with Daddy, and especially loved his trips down the cool (but not overly fast or scary) slide.

Luke also loves the pool... as long as he can keep his Spiderman goggles on. As silly as they might look, if it means he has hours of fun at the pool, we are happy to oblige. And look the other way with little smirks on our faces when he tries to talk to you about something serious with the completely foggy goggles snugly on his face, his eyes little slits that he assures you he can see out of. Luke also enjoyed the slide, though only went down once by himself before insisting that either Nate or I accompany him.

Matt... not so sure about the pool at first glance. He wanted nothing to do with the walk-in area to the kiddie pool, the cool bubblers coming out of the bottom of the pool, and wouldn't crack a smile for anyone. He cringed when going into the pool. My heart of a swimmer, former lifeguard and swimming instructor sank. How could I have a kid who didn't like the water? Should I blame his father?! Haha.

Matt caught sight of some kids jumping into the pool. He appeared interested. I took a chance, and sat him on the side of the pool. Gently lifted him into the water to simulate their jumps. He loved it. He got more and more adventurous with his "jumping." But of course I don't have pictures because I was in the water with him, Nate had Will and Luke was playing with our neighbor. Oh well, can't chronicle it all in film. You'll just have to take my word for it.

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