Thursday, July 14, 2011

Date Night

It is a rare occasion that Nate and I get out of the house without children. Since we've had kids, our average has been one date night per year. Though we (of course) would like to spend some alone time more often, we don't complain... we just relish these moments when they work out.

We're so very lucky this year that my mom (Oma) offered to keep all three boys for a night while she's here for a couple of weeks. We're also very lucky that our good friend Michele agreed to stay at the house for back up... three little boys can be daunting for even the most experienced grandmother! Oma has spent the last couple of nights learning the idiosyncrasies of bed time at our house, how to get Will's medicine together and start his feeding pump, and how to get Luke to bed without him getting out of bed 6 times a night.

So we're going on a date on Friday (tomorrow) night! Somehow it worked out that Friday is also the release of the last Harry Potter movie (I am a huge fan of the series, Nate goes along to the movies with me). We're headed out for the early show at the IMAX in Raleigh. Then it is off to Caffe Luna for a late dinner. Good movie, good food, cheap wine... sounds perfect. We might even check out the Raleigh Times, however we get sleepy very early these days... Sadly, I am not sure if we can keep the hours that we did just 5 years ago! But we certainly are going to try to live it up.

Last year we were fortunate to go on 2 dates. The first was a Dave Matthews Band show in DC (Grandpa, Grandmama and Uncle Drew triple-teamed the boys while we were out). The second was last year's Toby Keith and Trace Adkins show. We rode in the truck in jeans and cowboy boots, and stopped at Wendy's for dinner on the way. It will be nice to go somewhere that we actually have to tip a waiter! Oh wait, not sure I remember how to tip :) Its been so long!

Wish us a good time, and wish Oma and Michele good luck! We'll be living it up 'till next year...

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