Monday, July 4, 2011

Fifth Fourth

2007 - Luke and Will were just 4 months old, and only a month out of the NICU. We stayed close to home. Grammy and Papa came to celebrate the occasion with us and our favorite neighbors.

We braved an airplane flight to visit Oma and Opa in San Antonio, TX for the Fourth of July 2008. Luke and Will were just over a year old, and sat on our laps for the flight. To date, it is just one of three times we have attempted to take them for an airplane trip.

2009 - After the excitement of the year before, we stayed close to home for our third Fourth. We took a drive up to Falls Lake, but it was so crowded and hot that we quickly returned home. Our own backyard was much cooler... very important, as Will had just been put on neurontin and his body's ability to sweat was compromised.

2010 - Definitely the most event-filled July 4 that Luke and Will have ever had. We traveled to Binghamton, NY for a week of fun, and spent the Independence Day holiday with our Loss relatives in Blairstown, NJ. Though it was hot during the whole trip, it was fun to introduce everyone to 2-month-old Matthew and show everyone how much Luke and Will have grown.

The best laid plans - 2011 - Matt brought home a lovely GI bug in the days leading up to the July 4th holiday. We were planning to spend the holiday with the Merritts at our house, but had to call them the night before to stay away! 3 out of 5 of us were down for the count. Gross. Thankfully this morning, everyone seemed to turn the corner. We were able to enjoy some time together and snap a couple of family photos. Happy not to be sick anymore.

Luke was such a trooper this weekend that we let him stay awake late tonight to enjoy some one on one, big boy time after Will and Matt went to sleep. His first (supervised) introduction to sparklers. I think he's hooked, Grandpa Milt!

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