Friday, July 8, 2011

When dancing turns dangerous

Matt knows how to shake it. He can dance. It started out as a little knee bend, then he started to involve his arms. This was good because he doesn't have the best balance yet, so if he didn't shake too much, he stayed on his feet. He might not have rhythm, but he knows that when music comes on, you're supposed to move.

He recently started spinning instead of dancing. This is really bad when you're 14 months old and don't have the best balance yet. But he loves to dance, and insists on music being on when he dances. Even when he can't see straight and his feet get away from him. Case in point:

I swear I stopped filming when he fell down.

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Leia said...

Every time I get an update on my e-amil I am so suprised how big the boys are getting and I can not believe that Will is BIGGER then Luke! Iluv your family Blog it is so cool!!