Sunday, January 9, 2011

A bobble head in underoos

Nate plays lacrosse on Sundays. Because of the holidays, he hasn't been out for a few weeks and was itching to go today, even though the weather was really cold! When he got home, he had some new Raleigh Lacrosse Club stickers to put on his helmet. The helmet usually lives in the garage along with Nate's stinky lacrosse pads, but because the new stickers needed to be put on the helmet, it was inside.

Luke loves wearing Nate's lacrosse gear, especially his arm pads and helmet. So I took some photos of him today with Nate's hat on... cracks me up that I always seem to take pictures of Luke when he has no pants on. He reminded me of a bobble head doll bopping around with the helmet on!

I am not exactly sure when pee-wee lacrosse starts, but I have a feeling that whenever that time is, Luke is going to be the first one on the field!

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