Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Irrational thoughts

I worked from home today because the roads were covered with ice. Matt and Luke stayed home from day care because I didn't want to end as a statistic in a ditch. My mom (Oma) is here to stay with Will while he is tracked out of school, and kindly offered to watch the boys while I worked. When she laid Luke and Will down for their naps, neither was ready to go to sleep. I heard Luke singing for a while, but that dropped off and I figured that he laid down to sleep.

Near the end of nap time, things got a little hairy with Matt being cranky and someone knocking on the door, so I stepped in to wake up Will (as long as his nap isn't longer than an hour, he sleeps better at night). When I opened the door to their room, I came upon this sight:

I am not kidding (although this photo is a reinactment of actual events). My first thought was "is he dead?"

I yelled to Oma and our certified nursing assistant to come upstairs! I needed back up. Then I rushed to Luke's side to ensure that he was breathing. He was. And I suppose I should have gotten an actual photo then, however my immediate thought was to straighten out his neck. I laid him down gently... horizontally... to sleep out the remainder of his nap. Then we all had a good long laugh. And then I woke up Will.

How on earth could he have fallen asleep like that?! I feel so bad that I don't actually know how long he was sleeping in that position! Wouldn't that hurt?

Tonight before bed, I had Luke sit on his bed in the actual location and position of his nap earlier today. I know that this afternoon's incident was not him faking sleep, because when I guided him through the reinactment, he couldn't close his eyes without squeezing them shut and couldn't close his mouth unless I reminded him to.

You can't fake this! You can just blog about it.

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