Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is not a political blog reference.

Matthew is now pulling up on everything that he can. His favorite thing to do is whatever Luke is doing at the time. This usually annoys Luke. But the other day, we caught them playing side by side at the refrigerator.

Luke has a LeapFrog toy that teaches his to spell three-letter words. He's pretty good at it. He puts it high enough where Matt cannot reach it, but he can't move all the letters to a height where Matt can't get them. Most of the time, the letters towards the bottom of the fridge are good enough to occupy Matt while Luke spells his words up top.

Matt usually just moves the letters around the fridge, but he's getting pretty strong and started knocking the letters onto the floor. He seems to get a thrill out of it, so any letters now in his reach are guaranteed to find their way onto the floor.

The LeapFrog asked Luke to spell the word "saw." He found the 's' and the 'a' in good time and put them into the toy. He started trolling around the fridge for the elusive 'w.' It wasn't up high. He started looking down lower onto the fridge.

Sadly for Luke, his beloved 'w' was on the floor, a victim of Matt's ferocious swipe. We heard Luke let out a cry. And then he loudly squeaked "oh no, my double-u!" before rescuing the letter. Perfect enunciation, hard letter to pronounce!

He was genuinely upset, hurt that Matthew had put the 'w' onto the floor. But Nate and I started cracking up. We have no idea why he cared about this letter so much, as there was a veritable carnage of alphabet soup on the floor.

Hopefully this story comes off as random and funny, we laughed about it for quite some time. Since we like to spew random quotes every now and again, you'll understand it if we mention something about a double-u and have it not have anything to do with the former President.

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