Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun with fleas

Because we've all been in and out of sickness, we haven't left the house much over the past couple of weekends. Nate and I were anxious to spend some time out of the house, but didn't have too many ideas for where to go. At the exact right moment when some little one was crying, another was whining, and yet another needed to be fed, an advertisement for the Raleigh Flea Market appeared on the television like a beacon in the night.

The Flea Market was open until 6p, and we finally managed to get there a little after 4p. Things were already closing down outside! But inside was warm and still open, so we put Will and Matt in backpacks and headed in. We weren't in the market for anything in particular, so we just enjoyed walking around. We talked to the vendor at the coin counter for a while and stopped into the vintage toy shop so that Nate could teach Luke and Will all about GI Joes. At this point at the age of 3, they weren't too interested. Oh well, a father's got to try.

We saw some funny signs,

and tried on funny hats.

But perhaps the best time of all was had by Will, who got to play around outside with Nate while waiting for Luke to come out of the potty. See the smile on this video!

Though Luke left with a new hat and Oma picked up a dress shirt, I'm pretty sure we won't head back to the Flea Market any time soon. But yesterday afternoon, it was just what we needed!

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