Sunday, January 23, 2011


It is hard to believe, but Matthew is now 9 months old! He's been out for the same amount of time he was in... kind of a baby equilibrium of sorts. I took him to his checkup on Friday. We dodged all of the older kids who had the flu. Matt weighed in at 20lb 4oz and 28 inches long - 50th percentile in both. The kicker was that his head circumference (something that Nate and I pay a lot of attention to after having two children with hydrocephalus and VP shunts) is 48 cm - 98th percentile. My immediate thought is to worry that his head is too big.

Me: Do we need x-rays, CT scans to rule out anything wrong?
Doctor: Nope, your baby just has a big head. So do you.


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Christie said...

LOL! As my pediatrician always notes (when Anna barely even makes the growth curve in height) - "they just live up to their genetic potential."

(Incidentally - my word verification below for posting this has the word noggin in it - ha!)