Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Such a boy

Will has a smile that lights up his face though it isn't always the easiest thing to catch on camera. For a while, when we would ask him if he could smile, he would click with his tongue (to say yes) and then smile. Our photo-taking became a routine:

Ask the question. Wait for the tongue click. Wait for the smile. Take the photo.

This worked for a couple of months, but the novelty has worn off for Will and he doesn't like to smile on command anymore. He truly is a three-year-old when he wants to be!

Well, we found a new way to get Will to smile. I should say that Oma - who can burp on command - found a new way to get Will to smile. It might not be her proudest claim to fame, but when you're trying to take photos of Will, it is a key skill to have. Burping!

If you burp around Will, he cracks up (such a boy...). He giggles so much that it is infectious. And I end up with all sorts of wonderful photos of him! So come visit and bring your burp-inducing foods. It might sound and smell gross, but we'll come away from it with some frame-worthy photos.